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  1. I brought my dog Stella to Marcus. she was already promising and a good dog. Marcus took her to a level that I would not have imagined. if you are serious about having a premium hunting dog or even doing field trials, this is your best choice.

  2. Marcus took my dog from a nice hunting dog to a level that I would not have imagined. Stella is now capable of multiple blind retrieve and marked retrieves, in the same shooting flurry. I can’t say enough about the success that my dog and I enjoy due to his training regiment.

  3. We sent our girl quin for a season with Marcus. And the transformation in her is amazing!! Marcus focus and dedication to training is great!! We couldn’t be more happy with how she went in a puppy and came out a bad ass bird dog!! We are looking to MANY years of water fowl hunting with her!!

  4. I have had the opportunity to have Marcus train two of my dogs and could not be more
    pleased with the results.

    He is a gifted trainer who knows how to read the dog’s natural ability and formulate a training
    plan based on the dog’s gifts. Marcus methods of teaching first with a positive attitude that
    reflects in the dog’s ability to understand the task at hand and build the foundation never
    giving the dog more than they digest to ensure positive growth.
    His correction methods are very positive, not heavy- handed to build the dog’s confidence.

    Marcus also takes the time to listen to his clients and their needs for their dog to help evaluate
    the dog and owner(handler) abilities and build a training plan from there,
    he’s not afraid to be honest in his evaluation to make sure you are being treated fairly for your investment.

    Rest assured, your dog will be well taken care of when they are there.
    The kennels are well-kept and clean, and your dogs safety is a top priority. you will not find
    a more hard-working professional who takes great pride in his trade.
    I have come to cherish my friendship with Marcus and Vicky. I always look forward to spending time with them.

    For my family, there is only one place where are dogs are trained that’s Mudd Creek
    We are Proud to say our dogs are “MCR” Marcus trained, Vicky loved dogs”

    I am looking forward to Thor heading back to continue his training.

    Ken Dahl

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