This is a 6-week board and train program and it is focused on giving the owner control over their family companion.  The dog will be taught the most important commands (sit, here, heel, down, and kennel) and will respond to them both on and off leash.  The client will be instructed on how to handle and maintain their dog at the end of the program.  Full-time care and food are included.



All our daily training is based on hunting scenarios and AKC/HRC hunt test concepts.


MCR’s basic training program typically takes 4-6 months (depending on your dog’s ability). It begins in the yard and progresses to the field. Basic yardwork training includes formal obedience (heel, here, side and front sit, sit to whistle), e-collar conditioning, force-fetch, 3-handed casting, and T-drill. Dogs will be introduced to duck calls, decoys, blinds, gun fire, basic upland, and both live and dead birds (mallards, pheasants, and pigeons). The client will receive a dog that is steady to shot and will make single land and water retrieves on both land and deliver to hand.  The dog will also have the foundation for more advanced training if the client desires to keep the dog in training.


This program is a continuation of the Started Retriever program for those who desire a fully trained “finished” hunting dog and companion.  In addition to the skills taught as a Started Retriever, the Advanced Retriever work builds on multiple land and water marks emphasizing steadiness (honoring), pattern blinds, water T (water force and swim-by), diversion blinds (land and water), and hunting scenarios using decoys, mutt huts, duck calls, hidden guns and handler with gun. It typically takes an additional 4-6 months on top of the Started Retriever program to complete. 

Dogs that have not been through our Started program will be evaluated to ensure he/she has the skills to move on to the Advanced program. We may have to back up a little to make sure your dog has a good foundation of the basics before advancing.


Finished training builds on the advanced work by incorporating land and water blinds, drills, building of marking concepts and increased complexity of multiple marks. All training concepts are first taught on land and subsequently transferred to the water.  It typically takes an additional 4-6 months on top of the Started and Advanced Retriever program to complete.

We highly encourage clients to come out and work with their dogs with us during training. It is very important for the owner and the dog to be comfortable with each other and all of the handling techniques. Individual results may vary and is determined by many factors including but not limited to early puppy socialization, intelligence level, retrieving desire, health, genetics. We encourage our clients to do their research and purchase a well-bred puppy to have the best odds of getting a healthy and eager working companion.